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The TUBA-EUPHONIUM PRESS is ITEA's music publishing company, providing close to a thousand titles for the euphonium and tuba. The mission, established when the organization was founded, is to provide quality literature for the tuba and euphonium available at a reasonable price, while also encouraging composers and arrangers to write for our instruments.

The TUBA-EUPHONIUM PRESS catalog is now available at Cimarron Music Press. Please visit to view titles.

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Press Submission Guidelines

TUBA-EUPHONIUM PRESS Publication Submission Requirements

Dear Composers, Arrangers, and Transcribers:
Thank you in advance for your interest in the Tuba-Euphonium Press! We look forward to the possibility of working with you as a future Tuba-Euphonium Press family member. We have provided a list of publication submission requirements to help us establish our NEW look as well as streamline the submission process. Please refer to the template provided as a visual reference as needed.
If you have any further questions and concerns, you are most welcome to contact me at

Gail Robertson, Tuba-Euphonium Press Chair

Please refer to our templates when setting up your works and submit your works to:

1. Submit by email: .mus Finale files (preferred), or Sibelius files, AND a PDF of the complete score and all extracted parts.
Required parts to send (fully edited):
• Full Score For euphonium:
• Bass clef euphonium for ALL parts (euphonium 1 and euphonium 2 in a quartet)
• Bb treble clef euphonium for ALL parts (euphonium 1 and euphonium 2 in a quartet)
For tuba:
• Bass clef parts for ALL tuba parts (tuba 1 and tuba 2 in a quartet)
• Eb treble clef parts for upper tuba parts (tuba 1 in a quartet)
• Bb treble clef parts for lower tuba parts (tuba 2 in a quartet)
*For other instruments, please contact us for requirements.

2. Submit by email: an MP3 of a live performance of the work (preferred) or a similar file playable by both Mac and PC computers.

3. Submit by email:
• Your name (birth date is optional)
• Program notes about the work (if any)
• A brief bio of 500 words or less

Score and Parts Layout Requirements: (click to see template)

The required font for all text on the TITLE page is Cochin

1. Titles (the font size for shorter titles 18-24/ longer titles may need to be reduced to 14-18 font).
2. Additional text below the title (event/dedication, etc.) use font size 12-14.
3. The composer’s name should be size 12 font.
4. The arranger’s name should be size 10 font.
5. The text within the body of the music (tempo markings, etc.) should use Times size 12 font.

If your work is chosen for publication, ITEA Press copyright info will need to be added at the bottom
of your work: Font size should be 12. (Please cut and paste this from below)

Copyright © 2013 Tuba-Euphonium Press. All Rights Reserved. Warning: Unauthorized reproduction of this publication is prohibited by Law and subject to criminal prosecution.

• Include the composer, arranger, and or transcriber names on the title page for score and parts.
• Extracted parts: include the name of each part on the left side, just below the title, and listed again at
the top of each page with the title. (Amazing Grace/T. C. Euphonium) use size 12 font.
• Please do not list the name of the instrument on each staff for the extracted parts unless it is for a duet that both players read from the same part (ex. Amazing Grace duet template). Solo parts
do not need the name on each staff line.
• Scores for duets and larger ensembles: list the names of each part for each staff. (euphonium 1, tuba
2, etc. and abbreviate them after the first staff).
• Use rehearsal NUMBERS, not letters (A, B, C, etc.), above the measure number and be sure they do
not block notes or touch text.
• Rehearsal numbers should NOT be included in each measure. Please list them ONLY on the left side
of each new staff line. (see template)
• Keep each measure approximately the same width vs. having really wide measures and/or tightly
cramped ones. (In Finale, please use Note Spacing.)
• Provide good page breaks from page to page when possible. (e.g. between the last measure on page 1
going to the first measure of page 2.)
• In order to minimize cost and promote efficiency, the score and parts should have the minimum
number of pages without compromising legibility.
• Keep spacing between staves reasonable to reduce the amount of pages, but be realistic if having
more pages creates a better layout for performing.
• Add courtesy accidentals where you would most likely pencil them in yourself.
• Provide a FULL score with separate staves for each part. (Please do not combine euphoniums 1 and
2 into one staff.)
• The page layout for scores with five parts or less should be in portrait mode.
• If your work has more than five parts, please use landscape mode. It is often necessary to reduce the
size of the page and the individual staves to allow for more than only one stanza of music per page.
• Paper size should be 8.5 x 11. (Please email us if you have any questions or concerns for larger

Submission Guidelines
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ITEA Press Committee Members:
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Local MSU Grad Student Committee:
Dan Stull, DMA Euphonium
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Gretchen Renshaw, DMA Tuba
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John Staub, MM Tuba

Questions about TE Press? Please contact Gail Robertson at

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