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2017 Jim and Jamie Self Creative Award

Information for the next cycle of Self Awards will be posted soon.

The Jim and Jamie Self Creative Award is meant to encourage and promote new thinking from current ITEA members that will have a profound effect on the future of our instruments. The first Jim and Jamie Self Creative Award was presented in Linz, Austria in June, 2012 at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference in the amount of USD $1,000.

Because this award is meant to recognize creativity, any tuba-euphonium related project or topic may be considered. The Award Committee will consider all entries, but if prospective entrants have questions about the eligibility of their project(s), they may address these to the Award Committee chaired by Nick Etheridge( The Award Committee anticipates entries may include, but are not limited to the following:

•Writing a book, essay, or dissertation
•Inventing/building a useful tool, instrument, or accessory
•Creating performance opportunities in a completely new area
•Creating an interactive computer program or recording technique
•Presenting a unique, innovative performance or truly different audio or video recording
•Unique use of the tuba and/or euphonium in mixed media or other visual or aural arts

The chief criteria the committee will use in judging entries will be their demonstrated level of creativity, viability of project(s), and overall value to the art of tuba and/or euphonium.

Projects will be considered in two-year cycles and awarded at each ITEC. A winning project must have been started after a given year’s ITEC and completed prior to the subsequent ITEC. In the event that ITEC dates change or fluctuate, the Award Committee will announce any revised project start/finish dates to the ITEA membership.

2016 Award benefits have been extended to include support for the winner who will be able to "reach out" for help to the committee and Mr Self for advice on their next creative project. The Award committee contains a wealth of World Class Brass performers and innovative minds including David Childs, Zach Collins, John D. Elliott and Nick Etheridge who are all in a great position to offer guidance.

To receive consideration for the Jim and Jamie Self Creative Award, entrants must provide full documentation to the Award Committee. Such documentation may include a written project description, models/schematics/diagrams, completed recordings or physical objects. Because the nature of the Creative Award means eligible projects may substantially differ from one another, entrants are encouraged to contact the Award Committee to determine appropriate submission materials. Entries for the 2016 Jim and Jamie Self Creative Award should be received no later than MARCH 31, 2016. Projects not complete by this date are eligible if they will be completed by the first day of ITEC.

Award Committee:
Nick Etheridge - Chair
David Childs
Zach Collins
John D. Elliott

For inquiries, please contact the committee chaird Nick Etheridge at

Applicants must be members in good standing with ITEA. ITEA Board and Staff members are not eligible to apply for or receive this award.

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