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ITEC 2014 Dan Perantoni
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ITEC 2014 Jazz Competition

All competitions are now closed.

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Rich Matteson Jazz Competition:
Matthew Della Camera
Diego Flores
Tyler Giroux
Beserat Tafesse
Kosuke Toho

Arnold Jacobs Orchestral Tuba:
Prelim Judges: Ryoichi Tamaki, Fritz Kaenzig, David Fedderly

Nick Beltchev
Stephen Byars
Phillip Bloomer
Zach Bridges
William Connors
Charlie Goodman
Matthew Gray

James Land
Jose Martinez
Colin Murray
Steven Needham
Matthew Wilshire

Euphonium Artist:
Prelim Judges: Brian Bowman, Matt Tropman, Mitsuru Saito, Adam Frey

Joe Broom
Donald Bruce
Luis Cardona
Ryan Chen
Steven Darling
Richard Demy
Jannicke Ellingsen
Kevin Fenske
Takahiro Iwamitsu
Vince Kenney
Christopher Leslie
Irving Ray
Philippe Schwartz
Anne Smith
Ayako Yanagi

Prelim Judges: Mark Carlson, Andrew Hitz, Mike Forbes, Deanna Swoboda

Journey Quartet: Takahiro Iwamitsu, Ayako Yanagi,Norihiro Yoshikawa and Hidekazu Takahashi.
iTuba Quartet: Zack Corpus, Will Hammer, Kevin McKenzie, Mark Bonner
USC Bass Tuba Quartet, Brandon Davis, Danny Garcia, Charlie Mann, Michael Murrin
Tuphonium: Briana Engelbert, Cody Dailey, Alex Hill, and Josh Maberry
Jesse Orth Group
Arizona State University Tuba-Euphonium Quartet: Travis Netzer, Chandler Smith, Danielle Vantuinen, Daniel Wilhelm
The Carillon Tuba Quartet: Stephen Cannistraci, Devin Sloos, Andrew Payton, William Wortley
Tron Quartett: Ryan Chen, Chris Plaskota, Michael Frasier, Nick Beltchev
UGA Graduate Tuba Euphonium Quartet: Christopher Leslie,Patrick Geren,David McLemore,Chris Gurtcheff
Montclair State Tuba EUphonium Quartet: Heather Krygoski, Erika Sulich, Liam Sheehy, Colin Murray

Mock Tuba Band Audition
Prelim Judges: Scott Cameron, John Cradler, Travis Siehndel, Tony Halloin

Alvin Ashlaw
Nick Beltchev
Phillip Bloomer
William Connors
Charlie Goodman
Ben Hood
Lee Jarzembak
James Land
Joseph LeFevre
David Lopez

Colin Murray

Mock Euphonium Band Audition
Prelim Judges: James Jackson, Joe Dollard, Mark Jenkins

Alex Avila
Richard Demy
Chris Glassman
Vince Kenney
Christopher Leslie
Deion Lewis
Irving Ray
Matt Solis
Chris Troiano
Steven Vaughn
Matt Viesca

Young Artist-Euphonium
Prelim Judges: Jamie Lipton, Gail Robertson, Matthew Mireles, Glenn van Looy

Max Dobson
Alfredo Leitão
Nathan Galerstein
David Grayling
Wei You Li

Artist Tuba
Prelim Judges: Charles Villarrubia, Kevin Wass, Aaron Tindall, David Zerkel

Phillip Bloomer
Zach Bridges
Angel Elizondo
Karina Filipi
Charlie Goodman
Lee Jarzembak
Barthelemy Jusselme
Takahiro Kim
Wei-Chiang Liao Jun Miyanishi
Tomoki Natsume
Travis Netzer
Gretchen Renshaw
Jerome Stover
Daniel Wilhelm

Young Artist- Tuba
Prelim Judges: Scott Roeder, Andy Rummel, Don Little, Chris Blaha

Adrien Alkazzaz
Matthew Baker
Nolan Downey
Clayton Dungey
Josh Galerstein
Thomas Graf Jr.
Gergely Lukacs
John Paul Powers
Shannon Rouston


ELIGIBILITY : The International Tuba and Euphonium Conference Competitions are open to contestants of every race, gender and nationality. Each contestant must be a member of ITEA. Finalists and semi-finalists must be registered and present at the ITEC 2014 to be held May 17-24, 2014 in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. The semifinal competitions will begin before the official start of the conference on Sunday, May 18. Semifinalists should prepare to arrive in time for rehearsals with pianists beginning in the morning of Saturday, May 17.

Winners of each category will be expected to perform in a winners concert during the conference.

Previous ITEC competition winners may not enter the same category again. However, they may enter a different category. Second and third place winners are eligible to enter the same category again.

AGE REQUIREMENTS : Contestants for the Young Artist solo competitions must not have reached their 19th birthday as of May 17, 2014. A copy of a birth certificate, passport, or other definitive identification must be submitted with every entry application for the Young Artist competitions. There is no age limit for the Artist division solo competitions or for any of the other competitions.

APPLICATION AND FEES : Each contestant must submit an online application and an entrance fee of $50.00 (USD) for the individual competitions. The entrance fee for each of the ensemble categories is $75.00 (USD) for the group. Contestants who wish to enter more than one competition must submit a separate application, fee, and recording for each competition. If any competition does not receive enough entries to be a viable competition, the competition will be canceled and all fees will be refunded.

PRELIMINARY AUDITION RECORDINGS: All of the competitions require a recorded preliminary audition. These recordings must be electronically submitted, along with an electronic application, via www.iteaonline.org. Instructions for submission and application will be posted on the website and are available during the online application process. All preliminary round recordings must include piano accompaniment if applicable. Recordings should include only required music with no speaking. Specific details concerning repertoire are provided under each competition category. All recordings will be presented to judges anonymously.

PRIZES: Prize amounts are to be announced. Amounts are dependent upon the number of entrants in each category as well as contributions from manufacturers, merchants, and individuals.

JURIES: Juries for each competition category will feature prominent performers, scholars, and professors in the relevant field. Wherever possible, juries of an international scope will be assembled.

DEADLINES: Applications and preliminary recordings for all competitions must be received no later than January 31, 2014 (changed). Contestants chosen to perform as semi-finalists or finalists in live rounds will be notified approximately March 1, 2014. All contestants who appear at live rounds (semi-final and final rounds) in Bloomington, IN during ITEC 2014 will have the conference registration fee reduced by the amount of the application fee.

Any questions concerning rules and repertoire should be directed to Benjamin Pierce, Competitions Coordinator: pierce@iteaonline.org.

Applications and recordings must be received by January 31, 2014.


Recorded Round

Morceau Symphonique- A. Guilmant (Schott)

Semifinal Round

Après un Rêve- Faure/Mead (Studio)


Andante and Hungarian Rondo- C.M. von Weber/Werden (Cimarron)

Final Round

Sonata for Euphonium "Child's Play"- Barbara York (Cimarron)


Recorded Round

Partita- Arthur Butterworth (Comus Edition)

Semifinal Round

Soliloquy IX- C. Wiggins (Neuschel)


Soliloquies, mvmts. I and II- John Stevens (Tuba-Euphonium Press)


Fantasia di Concerto- E. Boccalari (Tuba-Euphonium Press)

Final Round

Concerto- Martin Ellerby (Studio)


Recorded Round

Adagio and Allegro- G.P. Telemann/arr. Friedman (Southern)

Semifinal Round

Suite for Unaccompanied Tuba- Walter Hartley (Presser)


Aria of the King René- P. Tchaikovsky/arr. Jacobs (Encore)

Final Round

Sonata- Thomas Beversdorf (Hal Leonard)


Recorded Round

Three Miniatures- Anthony Plog (Editions BIM)

Semifinal Round

Capriccio- K. Penderecki (Schott)


Salve Venere, Salve Marte- John Stevens (Editions BIM)


Three Furies, mvmts. I and II- James Grant (Potenza)


Sonata- A. Plog (Editions BIM)

Final Round

Concertino- E. Bozza (Alphonse Leduc)


Concerto- R. Vaughan Williams (Oxford University Press)


The Rich Matteson Jazz Competition is open to all individual tuba and euphonium players. First round recordings must be accompanied by a rhythm section (either live or "play-along") consisting of piano/guitar, bass, and drums. For the final round, a live rhythm section will be provided. In both rounds, the performance of each tune must include an improvised solo.

Recorded Round

1. One of the following tunes as a medium/up-tempo swing. (Take at least two solo choruses.)
How High the Moon
Take the "A" Train
There Will Never Be Another You

2. A ballad, bossa nova, funk, minor blues, or modal tune of your choice.

Final Round (Live)

1. One of the following tunes as a medium-tempo swing.
All the Things You Are (key of A-Flat)
Alone Together (key of D minor)
Have You Met Miss Jones (key of F)
Like Someone in Love (key of E-Flat)
There Is No Greater Love (key of B-Flat)

2. An up-tempo rhythm changes or blues tune of your choice.

3. A ballad of your choice. (Please provide lead sheets for rhythm section.)

4. A tune of your choice from a contrasting style (i.e., bossa nova, latin jazz, funk, modal, fusion, shuffle, etc.). (Please provide lead sheets for rhythm section.)

TUBA-EUPHONIUM SMALL ENSEMBLE COMPETITION (4-6 members, any combination of tubas and/or euphoniums)

Each member of the ensemble must perform on all pieces during the competition. Repertoire is to be chosen by the competitors within the guidelines listed below. There are no age restrictions for this category. It is desirable to show contrasting styles and tempi during each round. Ensembles will be judged on the quality of ensemble performance; it is to the benefit of each group to choose repertoire that will best display group musicianship.

Recorded Round

Prepare at least 8 but not more than 10 minutes of music. Include the following:

-One arrangement of a renaissance, baroque, classical, or romantic work, partial or complete.
-One original work composed for the instrumentation of the group.

Semifinal Round

12 minutes of music maximum. Include the following:

-Three contrasting works - complete or partial - one of which must be an original work composed for the instrumentation of the group.

Do not repeat music from preliminary round.

Final Round

-Choose up to 15 minutes of music. Perform a minimum of two works (complete or partial) and a maximum of four. Do not repeat music from previous rounds.


Recorded Round

Holst: First Suite for Military Band, beginning thru C

Alfred: Army of the Nile (euphonium, not baritone part), top thru double bar before second strain and trio thru fermata-double bar before last strain

Sousa: Hail to the Spirit of Liberty, top thru second ending before trio, no repeats

Grainger/ed. Mark Rogers: Molly on the Shore, solo after measure 67 thru m. 99

Shuman: "When Jesus Wept" from New England Tryptique, pickup to solo at measure 76 (top line divisi) thru measure 103.

Live Round(s)

Prepare prelim excerpts plus the following:

Alford: The World is Waiting for the Sunrise: 105-end

Fillmore: The Circus Bee, Top thru the downbeat of second ending before trio, no repeats

Fillmore/Fennell: Rolling Thunder (all)

Schoenberg: Theme and Variations (baritone part), 149-167

Shostakovich/Hunsberger: Festive Overture, 8 thru 4 after 9, pickups to 21 thru low Ab whole note

King: The Melody Shop, all

Grainger: Lincolnshire Posy, Harkstow Grange, pickup to 4 before 6 thru 17


Recorded Round

Sousa: The Stars and Stripes Forever, beginning thru first strain, no repeat

Holst: First Suite for Military Band, mvmt. I, beginning thru C

Vaughan Williams: Toccata Marziale, pickups to three before 6 thru 10. Play bottom part of divisi.

Grainger: Lincolnshire Posy, "Rufford Park Poachers," pickup to 51 thru end of m. 67.

Live Round(s)

Prepare prelim excerpts plus the following:

Sousa: The Stars and Stripes Forever, all

Hindemith: Symphony in Bb, mvmt. I, J-K, m. 203-end

Fucik/Tuschla: Entry of the Gladiators (all)

Glinka/Winterbottom: Russlan and Ludmilla Overture, beginning thru 1

Holst: Hammersmith, beginning thru B, both parts (separately)

Wagner/Drumm: Intro to Third Act of Lohengrin, 2nd m. of 6 to end


Recorded Round:

Wagner: Die Meistersinger Prelude, beginning thru reh. A, reh. J-L

Wagner: Ride of the Valkyries, 2nd B-major section (pickup to reh. 11 thru 5 after reh. 12)

Prokofiev: Symphony No. 5, reh. 3- 6

Berlioz: The Damnation of Faust, reh. 20-3 after 21

Bruckner: Symphony No. 8, mvmt. III, reh. G-I

Live Rounds:

Prepare prelim excerpts plus the following:

Berlioz: Overture to The Corsair, all

Brahms: Symphony No. 2, mvmt. IV, O-end

Bruckner: Symphony No. 7, mvt. 1, 141-148, 235-248, mvmt. II, 3rd m. of C thru D, mvmt. IV, F-112, P-S

Holst- The Planets, Jupiter, all, Uranus, solo after 5 (seven bars)

Mahler- Symphony No. 1, mvt. III, 7 after 2 thru 3 before 5

Mahler- Symphony No. 5, Scherzo, 16 after reh. 15 thru reh. 17, pickup to reh. 25 thru reh. 26

Mahler- Symphony No. 6, Finale, reh. 104 to 3 m. after reh. 107

Prokofiev- Symphony No. 5 (mvt. 1)

Respighi- Fountains of Rome (reh. 11 w/ pickup to 14)

Revueltas- Sensemaya, reh. 2-11, pickup to reh. 27 thru 2 before reh. 30, reh. 37 to end

Strauss- Til Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks, reh. 13 thru 2 before reh. 14, 3 m. after reh. 23 thru 7 m. before reh. 26, four after reh. 37 thru 4 before reh. 38

Prelude to the 2nd act of Siegfried, m. 6 thru m. 72


Semifinalists from the four solo competitions will be invited to perform in the All-Star Ensembles based upon the initial ranking from the preliminary recorded round. In the event that competitors do not wish to participate in the ensemble, the next-ranked competitor will be invited. Please note that All-Star Ensemble participants will be expected to attend daily rehearsals during the week of ITEC and to perform in concert with the ensemble.


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