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ITEC 2014 Dan Perantoni

ITEC 2014 Registration

ITEC 2014 Registration Requirement

All conference attendees--including performers, college ensemble members, competitors, presenters, adjudicators, etc-- must be current members of ITEA at the time registration as well during the duration of the conference.

Registration Fees for ITEC 2014

Member: $295
Life Member: $145
Student Member: $195
Competitior: $155
Invited Performer: 145* (see below)
Daily Rates: $75 per day (must be an ITEA Member)
Family Member: $75

Please note: the Invited Performer fee is not applicable to tuba-euphonium ensemble members. Members of university/college/student tuba-euphonium ensembles invited to perform at the conference are required to register as student members ($195). Invited Performers must register for the conference and likewise must be ITEA Members.

Online Payment Options

Online Payment System

Questions about your ITEA Membership

If you have questions regarding your membership status, please contact our Executive Director Scott Hanson memberships@iteaonline.org.

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Notice, depending on your computer/browser setup (e.g. mobile devices, privacy settings) as well your internet access (e.g. firewall restrictions), some users may experience difficulty. If you are unsuccessful in process an online registration, you may opt to register by phone with our Executive Director Scott Hanson (480-200-9765). The registration tool has been successfully tested using both PC/Windows and Mac platforms on the latest versions of Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. If you have technical questions, please email Jason Smith at editor@iteaonline.org.

To begin registration please enter your email address below. If you are not an ITEA member, please visit this link.

Please Note: Your record will only come up if your CURRENT email address is updated in our files. If it is not (your record isn't found...but you believe it should), please email the Executive Director Scott Hanson memberships@iteaonline.org, to have your email address added and/or updated to your membership record.