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ITEC 2016 University of Tennessee Knoxville Kelly Thomas International Tuba 
Euphonium Association

ITEC 2016 Competition Prize Money

Euphonium and Tuba Solo Artist: 1st- $2000; 2nd- $750; 3rd- $250
Euphonium and Tuba Solo Student: 1st- $750; 2nd- $350; 3rd- $150
Mock Band Euphonium and Tuba: 1st- $1000; 2nd- $250
Jacobs Mock Orchestra: 1st- $1500; 2nd- $250
Quartet: 1st- $2000; 2nd- $1000; 3rd- $500
Jazz: 1st- $1500; 2nd- $750; 3rd- $350

ITEC 2016 Competition Schedule

May 28 (Saturday)

Solo Competitor rehearsals with accompanists (schedule TBA)

May 29 (Sunday)

Mock Band Euph 9:00 am - Noon
Mock Band Tuba 9:00 am - Noon
Young Artist Euph 9:00 am - Noon
Young Artist Tuba 9:00 am - Noon
Ensemble Competition 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Arnold Jacobs Competition 1:00 pm-4:00 pm
Artist Euphonium Begins at 4:00 pm
Artist Tuba Begins at 4:00 pm

May 30 (Monday)

Mock Band Euph Finals 9:00-11:00 am
Arnold Jacobs Finals 9:00 -11:00 am
Young Artist Euph Finals 9:00-11:00 am
Young Artist Tuba Finals 9:00-11:00 am
Mock Band Tuba Finals 1:30-3:30 pm
Ensemble Competition Finals 4:30-6:30 pm
Jazz Competition begins at 10:30 pm (Marriot Knoxville)

May 31 (Tuesday)

Artist Euph Finals 4:30-6:30 pm

June 1 (Wednesday)

Artist Tuba Finals 4:30-6:30 pm

ITEC 2016 Competitions: Semi-finalists:

Rich Matteson Jazz Competition
Altin Sencalar
Aaron Eckert
Amaiur Gonzalez
Daniel Peck
Zachary David Marley
Keisuke Masu

Solo Euphonium – Young Artist
Kevin Vincent Flanagan
Jacinda Drenckpohl
Noah A Centers
Peter Scott
Max Dobson
Nicholas Brandon Lopez
Rubens de Andrade Fernandes
Ian Crouse

Solo Euphonium – Artist
James Blackford
Yudai Hironaka
Felix Geroldinger
Boonyarit Kittaweepitak
Adam Bokaris
Vincent Tan
Ayaka Sato
Arisa Makita
Yumi Fujisawa
Joe Broom
Yukino Hamaoka
Brian Michael Logan
Mauro Martins
Thomas HP Janssen
Kevin Fenske
Hidenori Arai
Daniel Aled Thomas
Kimiko Yamada
Takahiro Iwamitsu

Solo Tuba – Young Artist
Cristina Cutts Doughery
Andrew Rink
Joseph David Kelemen
Chia An Tsai
Michael Fleming
Jasmine Pigott
Noah Laabs
TJ Graf
Danny Chavera Jr.
Colin Holstein

Solo Tuba – Artist
Haiyu Wang
Conrad Shaw
Chance Trottman-Huiet
Timothy Schachtschneider
Ryan Snell
Phillip Slater
Jesse L Chavez
Zachary David Marley
Preston Light
Masashi Kina
Wei-Chiang Liao
Shawn Yap
Keith Packman
Joe LeFevre
Francesco Porta
Dan Wilhelm
Itai Agmon

Ensemble Competition

Socks Quartet
Takahiro Iwamitsu, Bijan Daneshvar, Andrew Lyster, Nate Plapinger

OU Tuba Euphonium Quartet
Kody Smith, Alex Purdy, David Humphreys, Jace Vickers

William E. Sutton Quartet
Colin Guimond, Chance Trottman-Huiet, Travis Scott,Will Sutton

University of Alabama Tuba Quartet
Matthew Kundler, Josh Tubbs, Eli Westerfield, William Ledbetter

Cody Dailey, Robert Wormsley, Josh Maberry, Travis Roberson

Jacob Ryan Fewx Quartet
Jake Fewx, Stephen Young, Charles DeMonnin, Tom Janssen

Eutopia Quartet
Joseph Schaetz, Erasmo Herrera, Ryan Dutton, Chris Garza

USC Bass Tuba Quartet
Kyle Richter, Brandon Davis, James Similuk, Cameron Holt

Carillon Tuba Quartet
Stephen Cannistraci, Aaron Eckert, William Wortley, Andrew Payton

Hagoromo Quartet
Yudai Hironaka, Yurino Handa, Rie Kaizuka, Salina Nakanishi

American Ultra Quartet
Steven Darling, Kay Sun, Ben Malmer, Preston Light

ISU Four Person Sit Down Band
Tim Schachtschneider, Jacob Hilton, Alex Hill, Jason Lindsey

The Brass Compass Euphoniun Quartet

Vincent Tan, Adam Bokaris, Marija Novicane, Seth Livingstone

Mock Band Euphonium
Erik Lundquist
Brian Michael Logan
Abraham Martin Zimmerman
Bijan Daneshvar
Takahiro Iwamitsu
James Arthur Long
Brian Sugrue

Mock Band Tuba
Corey Sherman
Max Crofton
Jesse L Chavez
Preston Light
Jimmy Franklin Hendricks
Joe LeFevre
Ben Malmer
Josh Maberry

Arnold Jacobs Competition
Evan Zegiel
Jesse McConnell
Chance Trottman-Huiet
James Aidan Zimmermann
Jarrett McCourt
Benjamin Holt Vasko
Preston Light
Joe LeFevre
Ben Malmer
Matthew Gray
David Santiago Lopez
Joseph Ready
Mike Frasier
Itai Agmon

(Alternate) Nolan Derrick
(Alternate) Derek Manteufel



ELIGIBILITY : The International Tuba and Euphonium Conference Competitions are open to contestants of every race, gender and nationality. Each contestant must be a member of ITEA at the time of the live rounds (semi-final and Final Rounds) of the competition. Finalists and semi-finalists must be registered and present at the ITEC 2016 to be held May 30 - June 4, 2016 at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. The Semifinal competitions will begin before the official start of the conference on Sunday, May 29. Semifinalists should prepare to arrive in time for rehearsals with pianists beginning in the morning of Saturday, May 28.

Winners of each category will be expected to perform in a winner's concert during the conference.

Previous ITEC competition winners may not enter the same category again. However, they may enter a different category. Second and third place winners are eligible to enter the same category again.

AGE REQUIREMENTS : Contestants for the Young Artist solo competitions must not have reached their 19th birthday as of May 30, 2016. A copy of a birth certificate, passport, or other definitive identification must be submitted with every entry application for the Young Artist competitions. There is no age limit for the Artist division solo competitions or for any of the other competitions.

APPLICATION AND FEES : Each contestant must submit an online application and an entrance fee of $60.00 (USD) for the individual competitions. The entrance fee for each of the ensemble categories is $85.00 (USD) for the group. Contestants who wish to enter more than one competition must submit a separate application, fee, and recording for each competition. If any competition does not receive enough entries to be a viable competition, the competition will be cancelled and all fees will be refunded.

PRELIMINARY AUDITION RECORDINGS: All of the competitions require a recorded preliminary audition. These recordings must be electronically submitted as one (1) MP3 file not to exceed 10MB, along with an electronic application, via http://www.iteaonline.org/ITEC2016. Instructions for submission and application will be posted on the website. All preliminary round recordings must include piano accompaniment if applicable. Recordings should be unedited and include only required music with no speaking. Multiple work/movement and multiple excerpt submissions should be contained on one (1) MP3 format file only in the order specified for submission. All identifying information must be removed from the file (i.e. no names of individuals, schools or teachers in the file title or in the metadata). Specific details concerning repertoire are provided under each competition category. All recordings will be presented to judges anonymously. Any failure to follow these guidelines may result in immediate disqualification.

PRIZES: Prize amounts are to be announced. Amounts are dependent upon the number of entrants in each category as well as contributions from manufacturers, merchants, and individuals.

JURIES: Juries for each competition category will feature prominent performers, scholars, and professors in the relevant field. Wherever possible, juries of an international scope will be assembled.

DEADLINES: Applications and preliminary recordings for all competitions must be received no later than December 31, 2015 with the exception of the RICH MATTESON COMPETITION which will be February 1, 2016. Contestants chosen to perform as Semifinalists or finalists in live rounds will be notified approximately February 1, 2016. All contestants who appear at live rounds (Semifinal and Final Round:
s) in Knoxville, Tennessee during ITEC 2016 will have the conference registration fee reduced by the amount of the application fee.

Any questions concerning rules and repertoire should be directed to Chris Combest, Competitions Coordinator: competitions@iteaonline.org

Applications and recordings must be received by December 31, 2015.


Recorded Round:
Mirror Lake - Edward Montgomery (Ludwig Music Publishing)

Semifinal Round:
Dream Nocturne - Howard Snell (Rakeway Music)


Characteristic Study No. 11 - Jean-Baptiste Arban (Carl Fischer)

Final Round:
Fantasie Concertante - Jacques Casterede (Alphons LeDuc)


Recorded Round:
Milori Blue, mvmts. 2 and 3 - Jonathon Newman (Potenza)

Semifinal Round:
Sicilienne - Maria Theresa von Paradies, arr. Howard Snell (Rakeway Music)


Cascades (treble or bass clef version in Bb) - Alan Vizzutti (Editions BIM)


Blue Lake Fantasies, mvmts. 1, 2, 3 - David Gillingham (C. Alan)

Final Round:
Concerto for Euphonium, Op. 132 - James Barnes (Lauren Keiser Music)


Concerto for Euphonium No. 1 - John Golland (Chester Music)


Recorded Round:
Six Studies in English Folksong, mvmts. 1, 2, 6 - Ralph Vaughan Williams (Galaxy Music)


No. 30 from 70 Studies for BBb Tuba - Vladislav Blazhevich (Robert King)

Semifinal Round:
Serenade No. 12, mvmts. 1, 5, 6 - Vincent Persichetti (Elkan-Vogel)


Tuba Concerto, mvmt. 1 - Edward Gregson (Novello)

Final Round:
"Effie" Suite No. 1, mvmts. 3, 6, 1, 5, 4 (no mvmt. 2) - Alec Wilder (Wilder Music)


Recorded Round:
Sonata for Tuba and Piano, mvmts. 1 and 2 - Bruce Broughton (Ludwig Masters)

Semifinal Round:
Sonata for Tuba and Piano, mvmt. 1 - Anthony DiLorenzo (Art of Sound Music)


Encounters II - William Kraft (Editions BIM)


Sweet Dances: Blew Tango, Dot Polka - Elizabeth Raum (Tuba Euphonium Press)

Final Round:
Concerto for Tuba - John Williams (Hal Leonard)


Concertino for Tuba, Op. 77 - Jan Koetsier (Editions BIM)


**Recordings due FEBRUARY 1, 2016**

The Rich Matteson Jazz Competition is open to all individual tuba and euphonium players. First round recordings must be accompanied by a rhythm section (either live or "play-along") consisting of piano/guitar, bass, and drums. For the Final Round, a live rhythm section will be provided. In both rounds, the performance of each tune must include an improvised solo.

Recorded Round:
1. One of the following tunes as a medium/up-tempo swing. (Take at least two solo choruses.)

All the Things You Are (Kern/Hammerstein)
Alone Together (Schwartz/Dietz)
Back Home Again in Indiana (MacDonald/Hanley) or Donna Lee (Parker)
My Romance (Rodgers/Hart)
There is No Greater Love (Jones/Symes)
2. A contrasting tune of your choice (i.e., ballad, bossa nova, etc.)

Final Round: (Live)
1. One of the following tunes as a medium-tempo swing.

Confirmation (Parker)
I Hear a Rhapsody (Fragos/Baker/Gasparre)
I Love You (Porter)
In Your Own Sweet Way (Brubeck)
Stella by Starlight (Young)
2. An up-tempo rhythm changes or blues tune of your choice.
3. A ballad of your choice. (Please provide lead sheets for rhythm section.)
4. A tune of your choice from a contrasting style (i.e., bossa nova, funk, latin jazz, modal, fusion, traditional jazz, etc.). (Please provide lead sheets for rhythm section.)


(4-6 members, any combination of tubas and/or euphoniums)

Each member of the ensemble must perform on all pieces during the competition. Repertoire is to be chosen by the competitors within the guidelines listed below. There are no age restrictions for this category. It is desirable to show contrasting styles and tempi during each round. Ensembles will be judged on the quality of ensemble performance; it is to the benefit of each group to choose repertoire that will best display group musicianship.

Recorded Round:
Prepare at least 8 but not more than 10 minutes of music. Include the following:

-One arrangement of a renaissance, baroque, classical, or romantic work, partial or complete.
-One original work composed for the instrumentation of the group.

Semifinal Round:
12 minutes of music maximum. Include the following:

-Three contrasting works - complete or partial - one of which must be an original work composed for the instrumentation of the group.
Do not repeat music from preliminary round.

Final Round:

-Choose up to 15 minutes of music. Perform a minimum of two works (complete or partial) and a maximum of four. Do not repeat music from previous rounds.


PDF of excerpts available for download here

Recorded Round:

Barber: Commando March, Solo from letter B to 2 after C
Grainger: Irish Tune from County Derry, Beginning to M. 32
Sousa: Fairest of the Fair, 1st and 2nd strains, take 2nd endings
Tchaikovsky/Safranek: Finale from Symphony in F minor, Beginning through m. 8, 4 before letter A to 8 after A
J.S. Bach/Leidzen: Toccata and Fugue, 1 after rehearsal 18 through to 9 after rehearsal 19

Live Round(s)
Prepare recorded round excerpts plus the following:

Sousa/Schissel: Hands Across the Sea, 1st and 2nd strains, take 2nd endings
Berlioz:/Safranek Roman Carnival, rehearsal 1 to rehearsal 4
Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture, rehearsal 10 through 3 measures after rehearsal 12
Holst: 2nd Suite in F, March, beginning to letter B & pickups to E through 5 measures after G
Schoenberg, Theme & Variations, Op. 43a, Variation V, measures 148-168
Mendelssohn/Safranek: Fingal's Cave Overture, beginning to m. 22, letter B to letter C, letter E to letter F
Sousa: Stars and Stripes Forever, ALL, take 2nd endings
Fillmore: Circus Bee, 1st and 2nd strains, take 2nd endings
Grainger: Lincolnshire Posey, Bb-baritone, mvmt. 4: "The Brisk Young Sailor," Solo from 17 to 25
Suppe/Schissel: Light Cavalry Overture, Euphonium 1, measure 78 through measure 109


PDF of excerpts available for download here

Recorded Round:

Holst: First Suite in E-flat, mvmt. I, beginning through m 8 and Nine measures before “C" through downbeat of “C". Play upper octave three measure before “C" to end of selection.
R. Vaughan Williams: Toccata Marziale, beginning through Number “3”. Lower octave from beginning through “2”. Perform upper octave three before “3" through end of excerpt
K.L. King: Melody Shop, beginning through measure 9, lower octave.
Gliere/Leizden: Russian Sailor's Dance, Beginning to “C", play lower octave to “B", Upper octave at “B", Lower octave two before “C" through end of excerpt
Bernstein/Lavender: Symphonic Dances from West Side Story, measures 654 through 668

Live Round(s):

Prepare recorded round excerpts plus the following:

Liszt/Hindsley: Les Preludes, Pickup to "2" to 7 after "4"
Hindemith: Symphony in B-flat, H through K
K.L. King: Barnum and Bailey's Favorite, ALL
Fillmore: Circus Bee, ALL
Barnes: Symphony No. 3, measures 4 through 34
Weber/Moses-Tobani: Fingal's Cave Overture, rehearsal H through 6 after rehearsal I
Bernstein/Lavender: Symphonic Dances from West Side Story, measures 670 to 705


PDF of excerpts available for download here

Recorded Round:

Wagner: Overture to Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg (opening to downbeat of A [skip the five bars of rest]; J through beat 2 of L)
Berlioz: Hungarian March (Rehearsal 4 to four after Rehearsal 5)
Wagner: Der Ritt Der Walkuren (2nd B Major section- pickup to Rehearsal 11 through five after Rehearsal 12)
Prokofiev: Symphony No. 5 (Rehearsal 3 to two before Rehearsal 6)

Live Round(s):

Prepare recorded round excerpts plus the following:

SOLO - Vaughan Williams: Concerto for Bass Tuba (complete)
Berlioz: Romeo and Juliet - Dramatische Symphonie, Op. 17
Brahms: Symphonie No. 2
Bruckner: Symphonie No. 7
Gershwin: An American in Paris
Mahler: Symphonie No. 1
Mahler: Symphonie No. 2
Nielsen: Symphony No. 4 "The Inextinguishable", Op. 29
Mendellsohn: Ein Sommernachtstraum, Op. 61
Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet: Suite #2
Prokofiev: Symphony No. 5
Respighi: Fontane di Roma
Revueltas: Sensemaya
Strauss: Ein Heldenleben
Stravinksy: Petrouchka (1947)
Tchaikovsky: Symphonie No. 4


Semifinalists from the four solo competitions will be invited to perform in the All-Star Ensembles based upon the initial ranking from the preliminary recorded round. In the event that competitors do not wish to participate in the ensemble, the next-ranked competitor will be invited. Please note that All-Star Ensemble participants will be expected to attend daily rehearsals during the week of ITEC and to perform in concert with the ensemble.

Download ITEC Program Book


Adams Musical Instruments
Army Music
B&S, Melton Meinl Weston
Baltimore Brass Co.
Big Mouth Brass
Brixton Publications
Cascio Interstate Music
DF Music – Denis Wick/John Packer
Eastman Music Company
Hickey’s Music Center
Just for Brass
LFM Publications LLC
M.A. Wilk Brass, LLC
Miraphone eG
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Parker Mouthpieces
Mid-South Music—Sellmansberger Tuba Mouthpieces
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The Tuba Exchange
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