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Scott Hanson, Executive Director/Membership Office
International Tuba-Euphonium Association
PO Box 1296, Gilbert, AZ, 85299-1296

Brian Gallion, Advertising Coordinator
Southeastern Louisiana University
Pottle Music Building, Room A167
Hammond, Louisiana 70402

Michael Bush, Director of Advancement
PO Box 154
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ITEA Journal Editor: Benjamin Pierce Editor; Chair, ITEA Publications Committee: Jason Roland Smith
Facebook/Twitter Director: Lauren Veronie


President: Marty Erickson
Vice-President: Kevin Wass
Immediate Past-President: Jerry Young
Conference Coordinator: Kenyon Wilson
Secretary: Joseph Skillen
Treasurer: Pat Stuckemeyer

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Campaigning/Advertising Policy
ITEA's publications (ITEA Journal,, and social networking such as ITEA's Facebook and Twitter) support the work, achievements, and overall communication among our community. However, for consistency and the avoidance of conflicting interests, these publications are not in any way intended to provide opportunities for user driven campaigning, commercial solicitation, and/or advertising for areas of financial support or profit.

Advertisers should visit for information regarding advertising. Links can be submitted using the ITEA Links Directory located at

ITEA Staff reserves the right to remove any content that conflicts with this policy. If you have questions, please contact ITEA Publications Chair, Jason Smith at