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Brazilian Composer/Euphonium Fernando DEDDOS

Check out new tracks from Fernando Deddos' CD Eufonium Brasileiro in the ITEAOnline.org Audio Library.

Fernando Deddos Eufonium Brasileiro Fernando Deddos Eufonium Brasileiro

Zdzisław Piernik

In a new installment for the ITEA Journal, Aaron Hynds discusses the experimental work of Polish tubist and ITEA Lifetime Achievement Recipient Zdzisław Piernik.

Zdzisław Piernik Zdzisław Piernik

2016 Inaugural ITEA Teaching Award Winner

The ITEA Board of Directors has announced that David Zerkel, Professor of Tuba/Euphonium at the University of Georgia, has recently been named the recipient of ITEA's Teaching Award.

David Zerkel Professor of Tuba Euphonium at the University of Georgia, David Zerkel Professor of Tuba Euphonium at the University of Georgia,

The new Winston Morris Award for Tuba Ensemble Composition

The Morris Award was established in 2016 by R. Winston Morris in celebration of his 50th anniversary as professor of tuba at Tennessee Tech University to foster, encourage, and recognize excellence in the field of composition.


Fall ITEA Journal 43:1

The NEW (really new) ITEA Journal debuts with the Fall Issue, with a tribute to our friend and colleague Kelly Thomas.

kelly thomas family kelly thomas family

ITEA Journal 43:1: Arnold Jacobs Reconsidered:

Michael Grose and Frank Bryne collaborate to bring us an insightful article on the pedagogy of Maestro Arnold Jacobs.

Arnold Jacobs Michael Grose Frank Byrne Arnold Jacobs Michael Grose Frank Byrne

ITEA Journal 43:1: TubaBach...Edward Mallett:

Deanna Swoboda explores the professional work of musician Edward Mallett...aka TubaBach.

Edward Mallett Deanna Swoboda TubaBach Edward Mallett Deanna Swoboda TubaBach

2015 Regional Conferences

2015 regionals were as big as ever, boasting many great artists, competitions, and clinics (among them Five pictured)...click for conference reviews.

Origins of TUBA/ITEA

Coordinated by ITEA Past-Presidents Jeffrey Funderburk and Deanna Swoboda, Origins of TUBA/ITEA: A Conversation with R. Winston Morris, Daniel Perantoni, and James Self is a 10-part video series.

Officially founded in 1973 as the Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association, the International Tuba Euphonium Association is dedicated to promoting and advancing the tuba and euphonium instruments. The organization comprises performers, educators, students, and amateurs of all backgrounds. As a non-profit organization, it is supported by membership dues and donations.


Attention all members

Any member of ITEA may nominate another member or stand in nomination for the office of Vice-President/President-elect. The person who holds this crucial elected position will be part of the leadership team for the Association for six years (two years as vice-president, two years as president, and two years as past-president). The specific duties of each of these positions are described in Article Five of the ITEA By-Laws which is available to all members in the Members tab. Nominations will be received by Past-President and Chair of the Nominations Committee, Jerry Young, either by e-mail at jyoung@uwec.edu or by mail at: ITEA Nominations Committee c/o Jerry Young, 1625 Heartland Drive North, Eau Claire, Wisconsin USA 54701. Nominations are open until October 1, 2016.

After nominations are closed, all nominees will be considered by the nominating committee. The committee will narrow the field of nominees to two. Biographical information and a personal statement from each nominee will appear in the Winter Journal and at the Association’s web page. The election will take place on line in late February or early March. All members will be notified of the election (including the opening and closing dates for voting) via e-mail and with announcements in the Journal, web page, and FaceBook. Thank you for your participation in the nominating process and for voting in this most important election process. Whether you are student, professional, or retired member of the Association, your voice is important.

ITEA Standard Literature List

Mark Cox ITEA Standard Literature List

View the newly completed Standard Literature List

Recently presented at ITEC 2016, Mark Cox and fellow committee members Mary Jo Cox, Seth Fletcher, Drew Jones, Steve Maxwell, Matt Mireles, Jesse Orth, Joel Pugh and Patty Welch have completed the enormous task of version 1.0 of the ITEA Standard Literature List available to all members of the music community!

Click to access.

Journal Highlights: Volume 43 Number 3

Clifford Bevan Craig Kridel

Bevan's Case of the Mysterious F

The most recent discussion in the Historical Instruments Column of the English F tuba was in 2008. The context was an investigation into Vaughan Williams's Tuba Concerto which was composed for, and in 1954 premiered on, one of these instruments played by Philip Catelinet, at the time tubist with the London Symphony Orchestra. The English F is still heard, but now in performances where the sounds of a particular period are being recreated: it has become an historical instrument (although as conveniently small, it has also recently been seen in the orchestra pit). [...READ MORE]

Off the Beaten Path by Patrick Geren & Aaron Hynds

Off the Beaten Path by Patrick Geren & Aaron Hynds

Patrick Geren and Aaron Hynds interview Brian Meixner and Robin Hayward in their recent creative endeavors in this issue's installment of Off the Beaten Path. (journal contributor Patrick Geren pictured left). [...READ MORE]

From the Back Row By Marty Erickson Dan Neesley

From the Back Row By Marty Erickson

Dan Neesley has been the principal tubist with the Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra (MBO) for 42 years and a longtime personal friend whom I have admired for many years. He has also been the Eb bassist with the Brass Band of Battle Creek, founding member of two brass quintets, principal tuba of the Milwaukee Festival Symphony, and principal tuba with the Wisconsin Philharmonic from 1963-73 and 2007-present. [...READ MORE]

Herbert Wekselblatt Verdi Hates the Tuba

Herbert Wekselblatt: Verdi Hates the Tuba

That's what the music headline would have read in newspapers around the world. After all, Verdi had been quoted as saying "No" when asked if he would be using the tuba as the bottom of the trombone section in any of his newly written operas. He had to dislike the tuba. But how was this possible? We all know how beautiful and perfect the tuba sounds when it is the bottom of a brass chorale. Why did Verdi miss the boat...? [...READ MORE]

Perspectives with David Fedderly, John M. Taylor, & Jerry Young

Perspectives with David Fedderly, John M. Taylor, & Jerry Young

Three imminent ITEA members and professionals share their perspectives on separate topics dealing with jazz pedagogy, piecing a career together, and a reflection on last issue's Experts Exceprts column. Each is an insightful read so don't miss! [...READ MORE]

Come Sweet Death R. Winston Morris 1973 Symposium

Come, Sweet Death! Music Download

This transcription by Eddie Sauter was done at the request of Mr. Harvey Phillips to conclude the First International Tuba Symposium Workshop on May 26, 1973 at Indiana University. Mr. Sauter gave the manuscript to R. Winston Morris and assigned the rights to T.U.B.A. (now, ITEA). Mr. Morris, T.U.B.A. Publications Coordinator at that time, included his manuscript copy of the Sauter manuscript on page 11 of the T.U.B.A. Newsletter, VOL I, No. 1, Fall 1973.


A memorial fund has been established for Kelly Thomas in support of his family. You may contribute by contacting:

Citizens National Bank
PO Box 220
Athens, TN 37371-0220

All donations should be given to the Kelly Thomas Memorial Fund in any amount will be meaningful and appreciated, Money is no substitute for the loss of our friend and colleague, having said that, Kelly poured his heart into so many things that have made our Association what it is today. If you have the resources to help his family as a gesture of appreciation for all he has done for us, I hope you will join me in doing so.
~Jerry Young, Immediate Past-President, ITEA

New Media Uploads

Steve Darling

Power Lessons Steve Darling

Check out this three-part series by Steve Darling, composer and tuba/euphonium player, discussing the pedagogical effectiveness of working with Gilles Senon's three volume Kaleidoscope series originally for basse saxhorn. Steve is an advocate of new music and has commissioned numerous works for euphonium with piano and a variety of chamber ensembles. He is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music in 2012, earned a Master of Music degree in Euphonium Performance/Brass Pedagogy from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and is currently pursuing a DMA at CCM under Tim Northcut. [..visit..]


Audio Library Fernando Deddos Eufonium Brasileiro

Brazil's Fernando Deddos new release "Eufonium Brasileiro" features an eclectic mix of music performed at an extraordinary level! Fernando Deddos is currently the euphonium/tuba professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte State (Brazil). He earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Conducting and Composition from Paraná State School of Music and Fine Arts, a Master of Music degree in Performance from Duquesne University (US,Lance LaDuke), and a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Georgia (US/David Zerkel). Deddos is the artistic director of the Southern Brazilian Tuba/Euphonium Conference. [..visit..]


Audio Library Nick Etheridge

NICK ETHERIDGE's new release DIVERSITY (featuring VIRTUOSI GUS BRASS BAND & BASSCRAFT) has recently been released on the Discovery Label. This new disc features three newly-composed concertos, both traditional (with the fantastic Virtuosi GUS Brass Band) and a totally crazy new one with Nick's group BASSCRAFT. [..visit..]


Anthony Caillet & Francois Thuillier

Newly-released material by two of France's premier tuba/euphonium artists are now avaible on ITEAonline.org. Duo Fact (Euphonium Anthony Caillet & Tuba Francois Thuillier) newest release is entitled La Tour d'Ivoire. [..visit..]

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