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The International Tuba-Euphonium Association is an international organization of over three thousand members whose purpose is “to maintain a liaison among those who take a significant interest in the instruments of the tuba and euphonium family - their development, literature, pedagogy, and performance”. A regional chapter can be an extremely important and useful means of advancing those ideals through the coordinated efforts of individual ITEA members so that we all may realize our common goals and inspire others to participate in Chapter and ITEA events, recruit new members, and build local communities of tuba and euphonium players.  
Chapter Formation
The International Tuba Euphonium Association welcomes and encourages the formation of chapters and affiliates to the organization. Chapters and affiliates will be in charge of their own activities and are encouraged to hold frequent meetings among current members, continue to invite new members into the organization, conduct more widely varied activities of the chapter between national meetings and to foster and encourage musical performances. Activities may include the sponsorship of clinics, master classes, commissioning of new works for tuba and euphonium, and any other activities that foster the mutual growth of our instruments. Download the sample document for a list of other possible activities.

Each chapter must have at least 5 active members of the International Tuba Euphonium Association to be considered a chapter or affiliate. Officer elections are to be held once the agreement has been reached to form a chapter. Application forms, available to download or from the Chapters Coordinator, are then filled out and submitted for review.
There is no fee associated with the formation of a chapter or affiliate.

Active members are those that are currently paying membership fees to ITEA. If not all those interested in forming the chapter are members they should do so before the formation of the local chapter.

Becoming a member of ITEA

Prospective members can join or renew online at HERE.

As a potential member of an ITEA Chapter, you are also eligible for a $20 group e-membership. For group e-membership registration*, please download a copy of the membership registration form and a send a completed form for each member with one form of payment to:
PO Box 1296
Gilbert, AZ 85299

*All memberships expire one year from the end of the month you register/renew. Electronic Memberships receive access to the members-only area of, which includes an electronic version of the Journal, video lessons, and more.

What’s Next?
1. Meet with other tuba and euphonium players in your area to determine the level of interest, the number of potential members, and the scope and direction of your chapter (school, college, community band, etc.).
2. Make sure memberships of all prospective member of the chapter up to date
3. Secure the services of a contact person or sponsor who is an active member of ITEA. In school or college situations, a faculty member is suggested, but any ITEA member can function in this capacity.
4. Find a time for all to meet to discuss the need and desirability for a local chapter. Discuss the possible type of activities your chapter may wish to engage in.
5. Submit an Annual Report by June 1 of each year.
6. Submit a Chapter Update form by October 1 of each year.
7. Have a great time promoting the tuba and euphonium!!

Current ITEA Chapters in Good Standing

IU Pennsylvania
The University of Memphis
University of Nebraska-Kearny
The University of Texas Pan American
University of Akron
University of Hartford
Penn State University
University of North Texas
University of New Mexico
Middle Tennessee University
East Carolina State University
Alabama University
Valdosta University
University North Carolina-Pembroke
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Stephen F. Austin State university
Texas A&M University-Kingsville
University of Tennessee
George Mason University

Suggested Activities for ITEA Regional Chapters

• Hold regular meetings of the chapter
• Rehearse tuba-euphonium ensemble music after the general business of meeting
•Organize and present concerts such as OctubaFest, TubaWeen on Halloween, and TubaChristmas
• Become a registered organization on your campus
• Attend regional, national, and international ITEA functions
• Establish and maintain communication with other regional chapters in your area. Plan joint activities and concerts
• Commission a new work for our instruments. Sponsor a composition, transcription, or arranging competition
• Present a program at an area junior or senior high school
• Serve as a source for private teachers in the area
• Provide tutoring for college students who are studying the tuba or euphonium as a minor instrument
•Create a presence on the World Wide Web to inform and educate
• Select a member or group of members to research a specific topic for a presentation to the chapter

• Solicit an instrument repairman to speak about maintenance
• Assist in the logistical aspects of a Regional ITEA Conference
• Combine creative energies and ideas to develop new means to promote the positive image of the tuba and euphonium and its players in your community

Raúl I. Rodríguez, ITEA Chapters Coordinator
Associate Professor of Tuba and Euphonium
School of Music
Texas State University
San Marcos, TX 78666

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