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Recordings provided in the Audio Library are accessible for listening (not download) by ITEA members. The library is growing, and currently contains both studio and non-studio (such as recital performances) submissions. All submissions have been done so in agreement with appropriate recording artists. If you would like to submit a recording, please contact the web editor.

Eduardo Nogueroles

with the Jose Luis Martin Band

Eduardo Nogueroles

Escenas Latinas

Hiram Diaz

Movements from Blue Lake Fantasies

David Bandman

Burn Notice

Fernando Deddos

Eufonium Brasileiro

Nelson Useche

Nelson Useche y sus Amigos

Stephanie Frye


Fabien Wallerand


Nick Etheridge


Nick Etheridge

One Clear Call

Duo Fact

Duo Fact La tour d'ivoire

Perry Hoogendijk


Lauren Vadrot


Laurent Vadrot

Le D├ęsir

Pat Stuckemeyer

Just for Fun

Pat Stuckemeyer


Pat Stuckemeyer

Stepping Stones for Euphonium



Paul Droste

Complete Recordings of Pual Droste

Marcos Ripoli

Mediterranean Tuba

Alessandro Fossi

Bel Canto

Bill Muter

Hay & Lament

Scott Watson

Thoughts of a Cow

Scott Watson

Stepping Stones for Tuba

Velvet Brown

Simply Velvet

Roland Szentpali


Off Bass Brass

Knock Yourself Out

Matthew Brown

How Beautiful: The Music of Barbara York

Deanna Swoboda

Shamanic Journey

Aaron Tindall

Songs of Ascent

Gary Bird

Music by Danielssoln, Fritze, & Bach (joined by James Staples, piano)

Sergio Carolino

Steel aLIVE!

Sergio Carolino

TGB: Tuba, Guitarra, & Bateria:

Harry Salotti

Some Awesome Dixie Tunes!

Jeff Cottrell

1) Sails of Galway 2) Celtic Tapestry & 3) Got It Now

Danny Helseth


James Shearer

The Memphis Hang with Charlie Wood & Billy Gibson (harmonica)

Scott Hartmann & Adam Frey

Littel Buckaroos

Slavic Soul Party


All the King's Tubas

Jingle Bells & Willy Tell

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