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Recordings provided in the Audio Library are accessible for listening (not download) by ITEA members. The library is growing, and currently contains both studio and non-studio (such as recital performances) submissions. All submissions have been done so in agreement with appropriate recording artists. If you would like to submit a recording, please contact the web editor.

Current Artists:

David Bandman

Fernando Deddos

Nelson Useche

Stephanie Frye

Fabien Wallerand

Nick Etheridge

Duo Fact

Perry Hoogendijk

Marcos Ripoll

Eduardo Nogueroles

Alessandro Fossi

Bill Muter

Scott Watson

Pat Stuckemeyer

Velvet Brown

Roland Szentpali

Laurent Vadrot

Scott Watson

Off Bass Brass

Matthew K. Brown

Deanna Swoboda

Sérgio Carolino

Nick Etheridge

Aaron Tindall

Gary Bird

Harry Salotti

All the Kings Tubas

Adam Frey & Scott Hartman

Danny Helseth

Slavic Soul Party

Sérgio Carolino

Jeff Cottrell

James Shearer

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