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ITEA Journal Volume 39 Number 1 (Fall 2011)

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Mel Culbertson
On our cover: ITEA is saddened by the loss of the great tuba player and pedagogue, Mel Culbertson.
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Editor's Desk (Benjamin Pierce, Journal Editor)

President's Corner (Deanna Swoboda, ITEA President)

Members Ad Lib

ITEA News (Gretchen Renshaw, Associate Editor)

New Materials (Mark Nelson, Associate Editor)

Pedagogy Section:
The Tuba and Euphonium Schulen of Robert Kietzer by Joanna Ross Hersey
Tips for Tuba: How Do You Breathe? by David Porter

Regular Features

Programs (Kenyon Wilson, Associate Editor)

2011 Northwest Regional Conference:
Big Brass Bash and 2011 Regional Tuba-Euphonium Conference (Michael Grose, Conference Host)

ITEA Gem Series No. 24: Reflections by Jeffrey Meyer

Brass Band Corner:
The River City Brass Band Celebrates its 30th Birthday by James Gourlay

Military Corner:
An Interview with Emanuel Jester III by Steven Maxwell

Special Features

Self Creative Award:
The Jim and Jamie Self Creative Award by Matt Tropman

Remembering Mel Culbertson

El Tubador: Part 2
The Sound Concept & Musical Styles of Banda Sinaloense by J.D. Salas