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Anyone can submit materials for publication in the ITEA Journal. Articles, interviews, pedagogy articles, conference/festival summaries, etc. should be emailed directly to the Journal Editor Benjamin Pierce.

Text should be submitted as text files (.doc, .docx, rtf, txt). There are no limits to size necessarily, however generally articles range from 2000 to 8000 words. Please contact Benjamin Pierce if you have questions regarding length.

Images/Photographs can be submitted either via email or through using a CD or DVD. It is imperative that images are submitted large in size and high in resolution when possible. Internet-formatted images generally will not work for hard copy publication. Again, please contact Benjamin Pierce if you have questions.

The ITEA Journal offers the opportunity for authors to submit their articles for scholarly or juried review. Articles selected for publication using this process will be duly noted and acknowledged with publication. This is recommended for authors in the area of academia. Please note, this opportunity is provided as a service and is not required for all submissions. For additional information, visit Scholarly Review or contact Benjamin Pierce.

News Releases (Gretchen Renshaw, Associate Editor)
Items for our online news column should be submitted by using ITEAonline's ITEA News Blog. Items for the ITEA Journal News Column should be submitted to Gretchen Renshaw, Associate Editor via email. Items submitted on the News Blog will not necessarily be included in the Journal. You must submit items separately!

Online Programs Column (Chris Combest, Associate Editor)
All program information will immediately appear in the database upon use of this form. Information subject to editing (if necessary) by the Programs DB editor, Dr. Christopher Combest. Contact Chris (chris@chriscombest.com). if you have questions.

New Materials (Mark Nelson, Associate Editor) Please visit the following link for information regarding review guidelines for New Materials, please visit New Materials Column.

The ITEA Journal encourages submissions of materials for review within the following guidelines: 1. With rare exceptions,unpublished manuscripts are not considered for review.
2. Ensemble music larger than brass quintet unless written as accompaniment for tuba or euphonium solo is not reviewed.
3. Multiple submissions by publishing companies re often spread out over several journals.All submitted material will not be returned or acknowledged.Submission of material for review does not imply that a review will be published.
4. The editor of New Materials in conjunction with the general editor of the ITEA Journal reserves the right to edit any review for style, length, and accuracy. Unsolicited reviews are welcomed that conform to established guidelines although the editor reserves the right to determine whether it is published,especially if an assigned reviewer submits a review of the same work.
5. Short works or works of similar style may be combined into a single review.
6. Reviews are the sole opinion of the reviewer and do not necessarily represent the views of ITEA or its members.
7. Corrections of factual information in a review,especially bibliographic information,are encouraged and will be printed in the next available journal.

For further information on submitting items for the New Materials Column, please contact Associate Editor Mark Nelson.