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POWER LESSONS's Power Lessons were originally organized and provided by Deanna Swoboda (Professor of Tuba/Euphonium, Arizona State University). Currently, the project is headed by Steve Darling (Tuba/Euphonium Instructor, Wright State University). If you'd like to contribute a video, please contact Steve at

ITEA would like to thank the tuba and euphonium professionals who have contributed and those who will contribute to this project. Thank you for your time and your inspirations!

Each power lesson should be between 5-10 minutes in length, unedited, and presented in real time. Periodically you will meet another Pro who will talk about and/or demonstrate a subject designed to help improve your practicing and playing.

We hope you'll visit the website frequently to view the newest "Power Lesson!"

Philip Broome:

Techniques for Recording the Euphonium & Tuba

Deanna Swoboda:

Be An Entrepreneurial Musician

Steve Darling:

A Brief Overview of Gilles Senon's "Kaleidoscope 32 Petits textes en tous genres pour Basse Saxhorn

Jerry Young:

Choosing a College & a Major

John Stevens:

Introduction to Composing

Lauren Veronie:


Neal Corwell

Finger Technique

David Holben

Focusing the Mid to Low Register

Mark Cox:


Brandon Jones:

Posture, High Range, & Sound

Fritz Kaenzig:

Song & Musicality

Pat Stuckemeyer:

High Register

Scott Watson:

World Class Sound

Chris Lair:

Using Your Imagination

Chris Combest:

Kyle Turner:

Low Register Response & Yin-Yang

Adam Frey:


Wes Jacobs:


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